Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Daddy!!!

As life progresses and moves forth I feel sooo very blessed and grateful for all I have.... I have really gone through sooo much in the last few years that all I can do is be positive and find happiness, even in the rough times.. I really know without a shadow of a doubt that God knows all of us and knows what we can handle and what experiences will mold us and change us.. I cant even believe how much I have changed and become the Heather I love to be.. I have found a wonderful church that I feel so comfortable in and know that God is present and listens to every single prayer and need i have... I have such amazing friends and family members!!! And I have the most amazing Daddy in the world!!! Recently his life has been turned upside down and yet he still presses forth and is trying so hard everyday to regain his strength to come back home.. This man has really had a rough life all in all.. And I am sooo very proud to be his daughter and really see what kind of man he is.. I really didn't know my dad as a child and I am sooo grateful that we reconnected and can now enjoy each others company... I cant wait until he comes back home and gets feeling 100%..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life, in the fast lane!!!

Life in the fast lane is just AMAZING!!!!!! I can't believe how amazing my life is... I have such amazing people in my life.... And I could not be anymore grateful.... Back to life in the fast lane.... It's true I tell you, my life is in the fast lane 24/7... BUT I would not want it any other way... Now, don't get me wrong I love love love my days of just relaxation and being lazy....

So... with that said.... Here is a little piece of my life in the fast lane.... Sunday morning was going as usual... Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to really write about... Until.... BANG....CRASH....BAAAANNNNGGG.... Oh my heck, I didn't know what had happened... I was scared to death to go even look, but forced myself to do so.. And what I found was not exactly what I would call exciting... My dad, had fallen down the stairs... He was completely out of it and would not say a word or even look at me.. Of course, I was freaking out and called for Renae to come help... Thank goodness for her and how calm she always is when things like this happens... My dad finally came to it and slowly made it to his bed.. He honestly seemed like he was OK.. I didn't feel like he was hurt much at all.. Boy was I wrong... SOOOO WRONG.... Monday evening I got a call from the guy that brings him home from daycare.. He said my dad was acting extremely strange, that he did not eat all day and was very very out of it.. I quickly ran home to find out the my dad was sure enough not his usual self.. Off we went to the ER... Roz, rode up to the ER with me.. Thank you Thank you Roz for being up there with me... And Thank You NAE for bringing us food :) I am really soo lucky for all the amazing friends and family who are always there for me!!
After several tests and a few hours in the ER, we were told the my dad will be admitted to the hospital and that his brain was bleeding.. This whole time I am just thinking how grateful I am to that man who told me how strange my dad was acting... And for Nae and Roz for such good advice to take him to the ER...Of course I would of still taken him to the ER but maybe just not as quick as I did..
As of today, the nurses tell me my dad is in ''stable condition'', whatever that means.. He seems to be more alert and upbeat.. Certainly, not his usual self but hopefully getting there in the next few days...
The amount of support that I have had is beyond measure!!! Between hundreds of texts a day and several phone calls a day I know how much my friends and family care!!! Its amazing!!! I have felt the love and prays like no other!!!
Its amazing how much "spice" I can bring to some one's life.. Roz was telling that night in the ER that I have brought so much spice and life to her own life.. And I sat and thought how true that is... I really do have a crazy life that never seems to have a dull moment.. BUT... I would never want it any other way.. And I hope to start my life with that amazing man out there that can love the crazy as much as me :) I am sure he is out there :)

Dad, Me and Addy :) (right) Coop and I watching Tv up at the Hospital (below)

So... All I ask is your prayers!!! We truly know the blessings that come from prayer. I have no doubt in my mind that God is watching over us and knows what is best.. Gods knows how much stress and trials we can handle at any given time.. Life is what you make of it, and I got this... I can sooo handle everything God brings my direction, because I know that blessings will come from it :)

Aside from all the trips to Ogden Regional; I promise I do have other things to share :) So thanks for hanging on and reading a bit more about my Crazy but super fun Life" :)

Fun Porch Decorations by Renae!!!! She is sooo creative!!!

The other night Gavin and Gaden spent the night and we made homemade pizza and ice cream. We all had a blast and will for sure be doing that again. :)

BreAnn Turned 7 this year!!! Seems like yesterday that she was born!!! She looks just like her daddy, and I know he misses her so much and wishes he was with us to celebrate her birthday!! I love her so much and grateful that she is here to remind us of Josh!! She is just like him and I love that. :)

Life is going sooo well!!! I am reall loving life and cant wait to continue to see how my future unfolds!!!

Again thanks for all the support and prayers!!! We feel them everyday!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Life sure can be good, bad and ugly all at the same time!!!!
For the most part life in my neck of the woods is GREAT!!! Except when you have a broken down vehicle and a horrible roof inspector!!!
Lets begin with the broken down vehicle!!! As most of you know, I just bought my Durango back in January. I honestly thought the guy I bought it from was very honest and trustworthy. Needless to say everything he said he had fixed or replaced on the Durango was clearly NOT fixed!!! And that is where I begin; on my way to work (sure seems like my trouble always begins with going to work, that has to be my sign) and needed to stop at the bank for some lunch money. As I was approaching the intersection by Harrisville Wal-mart I went to turn on my radio (I needed to jam out) and the darn thing would not turn on. I just figured it was a blown fuse or something small. Heading down washington ALL and I mean ALL my warning icons came on. The Airbag, Security, Check Engine and so on...... Oh my goodness I knew we had problems, but again just kept on driving...... As I am pulling into the bank I could clearly tell that my battery was having some major issues... I pulled up to the ATM, did my business as usual and pulled away.. No more than 100ft my car stalled and completely dead!!!!! Oh my gosh talk about embarrassing!!!!! I kept praying, "Please God let my car start, at least to just get me out of the parking lot and on to the side of the street so no one can tell I have car problems". Did work as I wanted and there I sat, right in the middle of the exit turning lane!!! I didn't know what to do!!! Who do I call???? Its 6:45am!!!! Thought about calling my road side assistance, or a guy friend (but didn't want him to think I was using him, considering I hadn't accepted a date from him) and then I thought all I need is a jump, hello not rocket science!!! I immediately called Renae; who was getting up for work anyways, and minutes later she came to my rescue!!! What amazing people I have in my life!!! A huge thank you goes out to Roz and Joel Nerdahl, for helping me with my car and getting it back to its tip top shape!!! The Nerdahl's are amazing people and have such loving hearts!!! I am very lucky to have them as neighbor's and friends!!!

Now, on to this roof business!!!!! What a joke that has been!!! I honestly didn't know owning a home was such a pain in my back end!!!!! I mean really, who wants to deal with a ridiculous roof inspector!!! Certainly not ME!!!! They call him the underwriter so I have been told, this man is clearly smoking something to request what he has requested of me!! If I don't have enough to try and deal with he wants me to replace my entire roof because he thinks my roof is 25 years + and not structurally sound, who is this man!!! Um pretty sure I bought this house less than two years ago and it would not of pasted a home inspection if there were problems!!! So, I am searching for new Homeowners Insurance, if anyone knows of someone let me know!!!

Life truly has its moments of bad and ugly; but then comes the GOOD!!!! Which seems to always way out the bad and ugly. This summer has really been great and sooo eventful!!! I could not have asked for a more full filling summer; between Disneyland, Seaworld, camping, Lagoon and summer BBQ's this summer has just been great!! I am so excited for Fall, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!!

I am not sure where the next topic falls; good bad or ugly. As the anniversary of Josh's death is fast approaching, I am not sure how to handle it. One moment I am just fine and the next I am mad, angry and upset. Seems like every year I can not get a grip on his passing, and I don't know how long it will take before I stop trying to call him and think he is still with us. My heart still is broken and hurts more and more. I can remember everyone telling me that it will get easier as time goes on. But its not getting any easier at all, in fact its getting harder. Why??? Its been four years since that dreaded horrible August morning and my life has forever changed!!! I look at life at such a different angle and I know how precious it is. You just never know when the last time will be when you see someone you love and care about... I would give anything just for one more day or hour with him!!!

Life sure is amazing and soooo precious!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

DiSnEyLaNd & SeAwOrLd VaCaTiOn!!!!

I have to start off by saying; this blog business is alot harder to keep up on than house work!! I never seem to have time to blog.

Anywho, I cant believe its FINALLY SUMMER!!! I am a huge fan of SUN and Outdoor activities. Oh and of course VACATIONS!!!! Speaking of Vactions, lets start there!!!
DISNEYLAND, Yes I said DISNEYLAND!!!! I cant begin to tell you all how exciting this was for me. I had never been to disneyland let alone even close to it. I am not even sure how this whole vacation spot became an idea. I mean I am now 25, been on my own since I was 18. I dont know why I waited this long to go, maybe the timing just was never right. As a kid I remember every other kid in my neighborhood going to Disneyland and bragging about it all summer long. For me that just didn't seem like something I could ever wish or hope for. I have always told myself I was going to prove to everyone that I would be someone and go places that I didn't get to go when I was young. Well, now is my time!!!
May 29th could not come quick enough, I was always searching online for "good deals", and never seem to find just that perfect deal. It was almost scary to book something in fear that things would not go my way and I would have to cancel the trip. Sure enough one night I just did it anyways, booked the hotels in both Disneyland and San Diego. Wow, what a relief!!!
That day finally came and on the road we went!!! I absolutely love RoAd TrIpS, especially with Renae!!! We always seem to know how to have a great time and find some hot boys!!!
Our first stop was in St. George, we thought it might be safe to stop and sleep there and not run ourselves to thin. Good thinking!!!!
Our next stop was Anaheim California!!!! Oh goodness, by the time we were loading up in St. George I was getting so inpatient. I wanted to be there already!!! I didn't want to wait another 7 hours and then wait more!! I think I was more a kid than Addy and Coop. Which by the way let me add that they were so great!!

Cute Cute Kids!!!!

We arrived at our very nice hotel and could not of been happier!!! I will say that without Internet radio and a GPS I would of been lost and lonely. I could not believe I had finally made one of my goals come true!! Sounds silly to have a goal to someday go to Disneyland but to me it didn't. That evening was spent resting and relaxing for the next day was to be spent in Disneyland. Addy and Coop kept asking if we were in Disneyland and where was Cinderella and Buzz so dang cute. I dont think they fully understood what Disneyland really was until we got there.
I really enjoyed our day in Disneyland; seeing as much as we could in one day was hard. The lines were not bad at all, I thought for sure we would be waiting in our lines and hardly seeing anything. We managed to do almost everything we wanted!!! I loved Soaring over California!! And the Submarine ride was great also!! I cant wait to go back, next year!! I am soooo going to Disneyland on my Honeymoon!!! (Back to the trip) And before we knew it, midnight had come and it was time to head back to the hotel and on to Sea World. As we were leaving Disneyland Addy and Coop fell asleep on top of each other, so flipping precious!!
The drive from Disneyland to Sea world was not bad at all. I was again sooo excited to see parts of this world that I have never seen before!!
Vacations are sooo much fun but at the same time difficult to keep up with. Seems like you dont have enough energy or time or money to enjoy EVERYTHING.

Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo was great. The zoo was not as fun as I thought it would be; all up hill!!! Are you flipping kidding me??? I think I will just settle for Hogle Zoo next time I want to see animals.
Now, SeaWorld, this place is amazing!!! Totally loved it, every second of it!! I loved all the shows and fun fishy animals!! This to will be somewhere I come back to SOON!!!
I loved touching and feeding the dolphins, they were so fun and cute! I just wanted to take one home and keep it in the bath tub!! HaHa!!
This vacation by far has topped all the other vacations I have taken!! I loved the 8 days we were gone. It went to fast!!
We spent some much needed time at the beach (scooping out boy toys :) ) I had the privilege of watching Addy, while Nae and Coop played in the Ocean. Addy was not too excited about the Ocean and hated how cold it was. She was holding on to me for dear life and kept asking if I would hold her tight. So flipping cute..

Life just cant seem to get any better!! I truly love my life and cant wait to see what the years will bring!!! I am going to try and keep on this blogging business, we shall see how it goes!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

WOW, its been awhile!!! (to say the least)

Life sure has gotten super busy in the last few months!!! After my accident life seems like it has been going in the fast lane and I have no control of pulling over in the emergency lane to slow down. And with summer just around the corner I do not see it slowing down anytime soon. (lets all hope summer is gonna make it by Dec.)

Don't get the wrong idea about my last paragraph; I love to be busy. But sure would be nice to just have a moment to relax. I cant complain too much because I truly am sooo happy and starting to realize life is how you make it. The biggest thing that keeps me busy and on the move is my house!! Between my basement flooding, yard work and the regular house work its like a full time second job!!! But the feeling of accomplishment after I have fixed clog or mowing the lawn is GREAT!!! Dad also keeps me on my toes. I swear this man doesn't get tired or worn out, EVER!! I wonder how things would be if Josh was still here. Josh use to take him every other weekend and never hesitated to help if i needed a vacation. I sure miss him!!!!! I was very very blessed though, the first part of April I got the opportunity to go down to St. George and see KELLIE PICKLER. I love Kellie!!! Anyways my Aunt Jo was so sweet and helped me with my dad. Which was like a once in a life time opportunity, thanks Aunt Jo!!! I know how hard it is to take care of my dad and she didn't complain once, just reassured me that everything was fine and to enjoy myself. Needless to say I knew better, and was sure that he was not being little Mr. Perfect. HA HA

Life is great!!! I really am very blessed and God has given me so much to be thankful for!!! I am sooo excited for summer and all the fun plans that come with summer time!!! I am taking a trip to San Diego and Disneyland at the end of this month and I cant wait!!! I have never been to Disneyland or San Diego!!!
Did I mention life is GREAT!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

What a RIDE!!!! 12-9-09

I must say that I experienced a very crazy ride Wednesday December 9th.

I was heading out of my driveway that morning and put on my seatbelt(which I never do), turned up my radio and off to work I went. I put no thought to my selt belt being on, if fact I didn't even realize I had it on.
I was on 12Th street heading to work just like every other day. Realizing I needed to be in the right hand lane; I looked over my shoulder and seen a truck but knew I had plenty of room to move over. So, that is what I attempted to do. I put on my signal and away we went; the back end of my jeep turned sideways and now myself and my jeep were sideways on 12th street heading for the north side of the street. I knew what was about to happen was not going to be fun or good. So I just let it happen; away we went rolling 3 or 4 times and I just keep thinking "please god, let me live." I remember holding so tight to the steering wheel and closing my eyes. When I realized what had just went on, I thought OK Heather you can either lay here and freeze or you can get your butt up and get out!! I am not one to wait for things to show up on my doorstep; off the seat belt went and out came Heather, or so I thought. Easier said than done I suppose because it didn't happen how I thought. I was lucky enough to have the helping hands of several men. I remember one in particular; older gentleman who was so very nice and caring. This man helped me walk over to his warm truck and talked to me while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. I kept looking over at my jeep and just crying; I wanted her to be OK and flip back up on her feet and take me to work like we planned!!
As I sat in this man's warm truck I started thinking of those people I needed to call. Of course Renae was first on the list; I felt so bad for calling her and walking her up. Next was Brent, my manager, his phone was off!! And as I was went to dial another; the ambulance showed up. I knew at that point in time how lucky I was to even be alive! The EMT's started their procedures and asking all sorts of questions. They kept saying "You are very lucky Heather, very lucky." The ride up to the hospital was not so much fun at all. I was poked so many times I cant even remember; but I can remember the really hot EMT do it!! So it was not so bad!! As they were wheeling me into the hospital, I heard a nurse say we need to cut her coat off so we can get a blood pressure; that sure caught my attention and I flipped. I remember my exact words "the hell if your going to cut my coat off, you cut it off and I will be one pissed off girl!!" I am sure they cared lol!!!
Everything checked out, no broken bones or anything too serious!!! I was so so so lucky to walk away from this with no serious injuries!!! I was also so very lucky to have such great family members come up to the hospital and stay with me and take such good care of me.. I am not one to depend on anyone so this has been a bit difficult!! Thank you RENAE for all the countless hours you have helped me!! Your truly a BEST FRIEND!!

Now for reality to hit; I have no vehicle for a while and my poor jeep is most likely totalled!! Although I still have hope!!
I am very lucky to still have my life and be here today!! I know the odds were against me and my chance of living after rolling a vehicle four times are slim!!

My Jeep is now famous!!! She was in the newpaper Thursday 12-10-09, I have added the web address if your interested in reading it!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life Lessons!!! Finally, I see the good!!!

Lately... I have been through a few tough spots in the last little while... And trust me I have really had a hard time seeing all the good in this mess.... I never thought my life could get so out of control.. I am one to keep control of my life and never let things get to crazy... So here is what I have learned.... Seeing my poor dad go through chemo really sucks.... Seeing how much pain he is in really is sad... But... I have so much pride to be his daughter... He is such a strong person and doesnt let anything get in his way... I have so much respect for him and love him so very much.. I hope he can get through this chemo and things start looking up for him... He is still going to day care and loves it.. He thinks its work, its cute to see him tell everyone that he works three days a week... They will ask what he does and his response is... " I sit and relax, watch movies, talk to everyone and eat.." Oh its so cute...
Another life lesson I have seen good in is... paying a mortgage!!!!!! Wow, what a huge responsiblity!!! But... I love having this huge responsiblily... It has taught me so much... I love having a place to call home!!! A place to do whatever I want to do to it!!! Its great!!!
And one last lesson!!!! I am never going to settle ever again for a man... I know what i want in a guy and I will some day find him... I cant wait to find him and have my dream of a family come true... I love how my life is now, and cant wait to share it with someone!!!

I am a bit late, but I wanted to wish my Brother Josh a Happy Birthday!!! I hope he knows how much he is missed and loved... Love you Josh!!! Thanks for watching over us!!!

One last thing!!! Renae, is the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for!!! I absoulity love having her as my friend!!! She has been there for me through thick and thin!!!! If everyone had a best friend like me I can promise your life would be so much better!!! Thanks Renae for everyone you have done for me!!! Your the BEST!!!